Transparency, inclusivity, and courage.

That’s what Rebecca Noecker is all about.

Transparency means a city government that does its business out in the open where the citizens of St. Paul can see what is happening and meaningfully engage in the process. It means that businesses know what to expect from the City, that the city website is easy for anyone to navigate, and that when public decisions are made, the people of St. Paul know who did what and why.

Inclusivity means a city government that doesn’t just make things “available” but actively seeks out the disadvantaged and gets them the services they need. It means meeting people where they live, not expecting them to meet with city government at the times and places that suit their elected officials. It means remembering that not everyone speaks English.

Courage means standing up for the people of Ward 2 even when it means disagreeing with those in charge.  It means believing that St. Paul can even when others say we can’t, and having the guts to say we can’t even when it would be easier to promise we will.

Key Issue Areas

City Services

  • City government is first and foremost about basic public services.  Rebecca knows that street repair and snow removal are not simply nice-to-haves.  And because it isn’t just about what the City is doing but how the residents are equipped to respond, she has proposed an overhaul of the City’s communications systems to let residents know about street closures for events as well as snow emergencies, and to make the website easier to navigate and more user-friendly.
  • Public safety is the most basic of City services.  If people do not feel safe in their neighborhoods, nothing else matters. Endorsed by the Police Federation, Rebecca has advocated for fully funding a model of policing where the police are a part of the community.

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Economic Development

  • Rebecca has proposed a concierge system for businesses to help them navigate the permitting process and will focus on making it attractive for businesses to revitalize existing facilities rather than going elsewhere to build from scratch.
  • Even as we expand St. Paul’s attractions, we must be mindful of what makes St. Paul attractive.  Rebecca knows that growth cannot come at the cost of changing the essential nature of the neighborhoods. This means preservation of the buildings and parks that make our neighborhoods the unique places they are.

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Investing in Youth

  • Kids need the support of the whole community. That’s why she has made young people the center of both her professional life and her campaign. Rebecca supports kid-friendly hours and hiring of youth workers for all parks, rec centers and libraries.  She will bring her experience building business partnerships to help expand the City’s Right Track youth employment program.

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Social Justice

  • Ward 2 encompasses the widest range of diversity in the City. It is because of this vitality and diversity that Rebecca and her family chose to make the West Side neighborhood of Ward 2 her home. Many feel that parts of Ward 2 have not been well represented in City government, which is why Rebecca will set up an advisory board of citizen leaders that reflects the racial, socio-economic and linguistic diversity of our community.
  • Rebecca’s personal journey from the ivy-covered walls of Harvard University, to dilapidated school buildings in Baton Rouge, through the slums of India, and to the diverse West Side community has taught her to seek out different perspectives in order to appreciate the complexity of every issue.
  • Rebecca is committed to running a positive campaign that engages the whole community, and in which all ideas and opinions can be respectfully discussed.

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