I am disappointed that there has been yet another negative piece making misleading claims about my campaign, my beliefs, my team, and my supporters.

The latest attack on me implies that I have hired a team of “Republican operatives” to run my campaign.  This is simply not true.

Throughout my campaign, I have relied on many local businesses to provide products and services – everything from cookies and sandwiches to union-printed lawnsigns, literature, and t-shirts.   My campaign also used a local PR firm to place digital ads – a firm that happens to be owned by a Republican.

I am a strong DFLer and an outspoken progressive.  I am proud to be endorsed by a number of progressive organizations including womenwinning, Stonewall DFL, MN Young DFL, DFL Feminist Caucus, and MN-NOW.

These false accusations about me and my supporters distract from the real issues facing our neighborhoods.