Can you believe it?  There are only 100 days until Election Day 2015!

Thank for all you’ve done to get our campaign this far!  On Tuesday, July 28th, Rebecca will be filing the official paperwork to appear on the ballot in 2015 and if you’re in town we’d love to have you join us – click here to RSVP.

Rebecca has spent the past eight months reaching out to voters like you to share her story and learn about the issues we care about.  Rebecca and her team has knocked more than 4,000 doors, attended 20 meet & greets, and called hundreds of our neighbors to have conversations about my vision for the future of Ward 2.  Your support made all of this possible!

But from now until Election Day, donations of any amount are critical to ensuring we can reach out to all of the voters in Ward 2 and help Rebecca become a Saint Paul City Council Member.  Please consider making an additional donation today to ensure my victory in November!

•    $100 will help host a neighborhood meet & greet
•    $25 helps me share my vision with 50 voters by mail
•    $10 will put lawn signs up at two houses in Ward 2

Thank you again for all of your support so far!  If you can’t make a donation today, you can help support our campaign by sharing this message with friends, liking our Facebook page, or sign up to volunteer.